Before you think of getting the next deodorant on to your skin, here are a few things that I would to like to let you know. Deodorants apart from giving you a nice smell makes you more likable and more attractive. Although most deodorants are made of avocado oil and baking soda nowadays some still have other harmful substances like mercury that can damage your skin and cause ailments such as cancer especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using hypoalergenic deodorants:

Sensitive Skin, although most deodorants hare harmless today, most deodorants contain ethanol which can lead your skin to dry and become itchy. This will lead to developing some allergies. Most hypoalergenic deodorants however get around this by having a blend of mineral salts that will keep you fresh up to 24+ hours. Use of these mineral salts also kills odour causing bacteria hence freshness is guruntee.

This also prevents the use of aluminium as the main component to hinder the sweat glands from producing sweat to the skin surface. This would otherwise cause harm as may enhypoalergenic leading to breast caner. This makes it easy to apply the deodorant to almost everywhere from your undearm to feet to control odour.

Cost, Comparatively to other deodorants, hypoalergenic deodorants cost way more cheaper. On an average with only $9 you can get a spray, Roll-on Or crystal Stone from Cleure which is a very good option. This when compared to other more expensive brands like Nivea at $14 from amazon. Other hypoalergenic deodorants cost as little as Almay sensitive skin deodorant for $7.99. Other brands could cost as low as $4.

Stain. Although most deodorants leave black stains on white clothes and yellow von black. Hypoalergenic deodorants mostly do not. This is both an advantage and a set back. When selecting a deodorant please keep in mind that not all. Hypoalergenic deodorants are stainless, however most are made of natural ingredients thus are likely to.

Use of Synthetic chemicals, as discussed above, these deodorants do not contain ch

emicals such as Paraben,Salicylate and Gluten commonly found in other deodorants giving them an advantage.

Irritation, although the deodorants are made of baking soda and other skin friendly substance. Some people find them iriitative and very much uncomfortable. Some may even develope allergies and skin turning red. Other problems may be caused by fragrances that are found in other deodorants. Volatile chemicals are also present in many hypoalergenic deodorants that may lead to asthma and other environmently harmful effects.

FDA regulations, although many deodorants pass through this test successfully, that does not mean they are to be trusted. As ozone depleting chemicals are controlled, other harmful substances still exist. This can be in form of Triclosan a hormone disruper especially for thyroid functioning.

To sum it up, deodorants though very much helpful need use with care. This is not only in regards to your health but also to your skin and environment. Caution should be taken so as not to suffer from any ailments and stopping use as soon as you notice some changes is the safe way to go. This is because this is an indication of an underlying reaction

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