Under Pressure

The Good and the Bad The first few months of your baby’s life are probably equally terrifying and exciting. You get to see your little one grow from a tiny bundle of joy who sleeps all day to a healthy, happy, and active little munchkin who just can’t wait to get out there and explore […]

How to make friends and influence people

Friends are a basic piece of our lives. We just can’t think our lives without our friends. It’s been appropriately said that we get relatives by possibility yet friends by decision and that is the reason our friends are so dear to us. We as a whole need friends to share our satisfaction, stresses, questions, […]

Surfing vs. Paddle Boarding

To anyone who’s passionate about the ocean, whatever gets him or her in the water is good enough- whether that watercraft is a canoe, kayak, waveski, motorboat, ship, and maybe a submarine? Well, the simplest would be by getting on top of a surfboard or a paddle board, which is also the closest you can […]